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Our range of Swiss CBD Oil products is selected for its therapeutic qualities.

The Evetica philosophy is sustainable and ethical. By working hand in hand with hemp growers as well as our production and extraction experts.


Guarantor of CBD tradition Oil Switzerland, Evetica works with precision and innovation with the primary objective of providing you with a quality product.

Our products are mainly composed of hemp (SWISS CBD) which makes it a completely natural remedy.

To discover the benefits and tips for using this product, we invite you to consult our articles.

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Choose your oil from our wide range of natural products to suit your needs.

Available in different concentrations 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% in 10 ml vials.

Once you have made your choice, we invite you to use our calculator (linked to your weight and your choice of concentration) to find out your daily intake (number of drops).


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Our original articles will allow you to discover the world of CBD through surveys, testimonials, explanatory texts, visuals and many more!

We are therefore going to explore together all the possibilities that CBD oil gives us.

Our sections:

  • Well-being: A section that makes us feel good. Article after article we will take up our everyday ailments (pain, stress & anxiety, chronic diseases, …) and understand how CBD oil can soothe and even cure them.
  • Dosage: How to achieve an effective cure? What are the tips for better assimilation of the body? Just what dose should I take? We answer all these questions in this practical section!
  • News: CBD is expanding rapidly both in its use and in its lifestyle, some even speak of a revolution … In this section we will take up the major Swiss and world titles relating to personalities (natural medicine and in other fields ) who recommend cbd oil switzerland.