COVID-19: Boost your immune system with CBD oil!

Winter is fast approaching and mankind is facing new viruses such as the CORONAVIRUS.

Our immune defences are in full action and put to the test! But how can CBD oil help them? This is what we will explain in this article.

To begin with, what is the immune system?

It is a reconnaissance and defence system that reacts to external attacks on the body. Like soldiers, white blood cells, among others, will defend the attacked cells.

The inflammatory system a direct link to immunity.

Inflammations are one of the reactions that prove that the body is in full defence. In other words, they are our body’s response to the immune system. When we get the flu for example.

How the CBD oil will work to support our defence army.

The cannabinoid molecules contained in CBD oil will regulate inflammation. This will allow the body to save energy for the real fight and to focus on the evil in question.

But not only that! It has been proven that CBDs destroy some of the Cytokines.

Cytokines: proteins which are secreted by the body when it is attacked, and which in too great a quantity will aggravate the patient’s inflammatory state.

As we explained in our previous articles, the CBD allows us to regulate our systems, including the immune system.

But what does covid-19 have to do with our immunity?

COVID-19 tests our immune system.

Many debates and polemics are at the heart of this extraordinary situation that we are all experiencing today.

One of the certainties that traditional and natural medicines confirm and on which they have agreed, is that this virus, like all the others, puts our immune system to the test.

The importance of our immune responses to coronaviruses.

In this article precise and detailed World it explains the importance of our immune reactions to the coronavirus, we invite you to consult it if you wish to learn more about its advantages.

It is therefore essential to support our immune system as much as possible. CBD oil is a natural remedy that can help you, but don’t forget that your lifestyle is crucial for the proper functioning of all your systems.

In our next article I will explain how CBD oil soothes and renews our skin: “The benefits of CBD oil for our skin”.



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