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Discover CBD evetica oil, an extract made from plants from ethical and organic agriculture.

Made from premium cold pressed hemp seed oil. The cannabidiol content of our oils is 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%.

As for the cannabinoid, terpenes and flavonoids content of our full spectrum and broad spectrum oils, they are of therapeutic quality.


Buy CBD oil in Geneva

Evetica offers a full line of CBD oils formulated in different strengths. CBD oil is known to relieve chronic pain, have an anti-anxiolytic effect, and facilitate sleep without causing unwanted side effects. The use of CBD oil avoids the risks of addiction and the side effects often associated with taking traditional painkillers.

Fields of use of CBD oils

For these various reasons, more and more people are choosing to buy CBD oil. In addition to reducing chronic pain, cannabidiol also relieves muscle pain (cramps, straining), joint pain or related to neurological pathologies (fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis).

Buying CBD oil helps reduce stress and its consequences on the body. Evetica in Geneva sells certified oils to obtain the certificate of conformity to be marketed in Switzerland and Europe. Our oils are made from 100% organic hemp and plant oil (flavonoids and terpenes).

Ordering Evetica CBD oil can also treat depressive, bipolar and epiliepsy states without inducing the known effects of drugs traditionally used in allopathy.

The properties of CBD oils in skin problems

CBD oil also helps treat dry skin or acne problems. It can be combined with the treatments, creams and balms formulated by Evetica.

For those who want to order CBD oil, Evetica delivers within 24 hours to Geneva and within a week for other destinations.



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