The benefits of CBD oil for our skin.

The first barrier of our organism, an indicator of health and tiredness, it is also at the heart of our interest because it dresses our face: the skin.

Skin disorders are numerous and so-called classic treatments are often disappointing and aggressive.

Cannabidiol again offers a natural alternative.

  • The virtues of cannabinoids at the service of our epidermis? We explain them to you in 6 points.
  • Dosage and use: external or sublingual? What to choose? We enlighten you!

The virtues of cannabinoid molecules at the service of our epidermis, here they are in 6 points:

1. Anti-ageing:

CBD oil has antioxidant properties, what better way to help the skin fight the effects of time. It will help the renewal and multiplication of cells.

2. Anti-inflammatory:

As we explained in the article “natural pain therapy”, one of the most renowned virtues is to reduce inflammatory reactions.

When our skin undergoes external attacks it will defend itself and create red swelling due to clogged pores. CBD molecules will reduce inflammation and thus limit overreactions such as pruritus and pimples.

3. Antibacterial:

A healthy epidermis starts with a purified epidermis. The CBD has this cleaning virtue and will act as a protective barrier!

4. Sebum regulation:

The CBD will reduce the secretion of sebum, preventing the production of sebocytes. Against blackheads and acne, for example, this will be very useful.

5. Anti-stress:

The Irritation and skin itching are often caused by stress, CBD molecules will soothe the skin but also the individual.

Indeed, CBD oil will bring us a better balance in terms of anxiety and stress in general.

6. Omega 3:

Omega 3 and 6 have been proven to be more than beneficial for the skin. These elements are found by using an oil that is as pure as possible and of good quality.

Dosage and use: external or sublingual ?

External use

Very effective: the local application of pure CBD oil for acne and severe skin pain.

Tip for daily use:

For a more frequent use and all over the face for example, you can use coconut oil as a carrier of “home cream” and add a few drops. of 5% CBD evetica oil.


Sublingual intake is recommended for skin diseases, such as

  • acne: is due to a hormonal imbalance often noticed in adolescence, which will lead to an excess of sebum.
  • psoriasis: CBD molecules will stop the overgrowth of cells caused by this disease.
  • eczema: it has been observed through testimonials that the effects are on average visible after 1 to 2 weeks.


To obtain good results, sublingual treatments must be carried out over the long term.

Please note: CBD oil, whether taken sublingually or applied directly to the skin, must be consumed regularly to be effective!

In our next article I will tell you about menstrual pain and the relief that CBD oil brings to women.



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