Natural pain therapy, CBD oil

Therapies that are practised exclusively with natural ingredients are called natural medicine.

Is CBD oil one of them?

Absolutely, it comes from a totally natural and environmentally friendly raw material: hemp. But how does CBD oil relieve pain? This is what we will discover in this article.

A small step back in time

Hemp, originally from Central Asia, has been cultivated since 5000 BC. JC in China for food, clothing and finally its therapeutic virtues.

Its psychotropic effects were discovered later, the West, for the most part, gave it a bad reputation, although it was consumed by many.

But analgesics are not always effective and with a society that is turning, or rather, returning more and more to the natural: hemp and its derivatives are resurfacing.


In 1963, the researcher Raphaël Mechoula highlighted the fact that humans (and all mammals) can produce similar reactions. THC-FREE, they will be called:

Endo(produced by the body)-cannabinoids.

These receivers can receive messages and thus transmit a regulation to the following systems:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Immunity
  • Reproduction
  • Respiratory system
  • Ocular apparatus
  • Sleep
  • And… many other systems including the central nervous system

In the 1990s

Studies confirm the action of cannabis on the brain and thus a reaction of the nervous system.

These are fundamental discoveries for the history of the CBD and two of its most famous and related virtues: painkillers (i.e. painkillers) and anti-inflammatory.

Countless patients suffering from neuralgia (one of the many examples of ailments alleviated and sometimes cured thanks to CBD) testify to the effectiveness of this natural remedy.

While, Dear Reader, the research continues and we are not immune to new discoveries that will lead the CBD to other amazing possibilities…

Our next article: “Treating insomnia with CBD oil “.



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