Treat insomnia with CBD oil.

Sleep, this vital state, has long been at the heart of man’s worries….

Treating insomnia with CBD oil? This is what we will explain in this article.

The lack or poor quality of sleep can have serious consequences on our mental and physical state. So how will CBD oil for sleep be able to alleviate this historical evil?

“Almost continual insomnia heralds an inflammatory disposition which will probably end by making me take leave of this best of all possible worlds (D’ALEMB. Lett. to the King of Prussia, Nov. 20, 1772)”.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is defined as suffering from sleep disorders, being unable to sleep or having a poor quality of sleep.

Sleep is often misunderstood!

Many people are convinced that they suffer from sleep disorders, but after a thorough analysis, it often turns out that sleep is not of such poor quality.

To determine whether you suffer from serious sleep disorders, it is advisable to consult specialist sleep centres or specialist therapists.

Types of insomnia

There are several types of insomnia:

  • Acute: it can occur after a trauma, stress, etc… and a fortiori for sensitive people it can become chronic.
  • Psychophysiological, known as chronic: it is of physiological (i.e. to the organism and its environment) or cognitive (i.e. to knowledge, language, perception, etc.) origin. It is aggravated by the fear of the ritual of going to bed and not falling asleep, thus creating an anxiety that will be nourished.
  • Disease-related: e.g. a person with asthma will not get a good night’s sleep, in which case the disease itself must be treated.
  • Related to drugs and substances: substances, especially addictive ones, disrupt our entire organism, but also certain medicines such as sleeping pills, which lead to addiction and dependence.
  • Idiopathic: a rare form that appears from childhood and is not due to stress, it is an anomaly in the nervous system.

So how does CBD oil affect our sleep?

The various types of insomnia are therefore all linked to our environment and/or a malfunction in one of our systems.

It is at this point that CBD can come into play since, as we explained in the article “A natural remedy for pain, CBD oil”, it allows the regulation of our systems, including that of sleep.

CBD oil therefore does not directly combat insomnia, but it does help to restore an environment conducive to balanced sleep.

Advice for use in case of insomnia:

For optimal effectiveness, place the drops under the tongue, the effects can be felt as early as 15 minutes but more generally after 30 minutes.

As with all natural treatments it is advisable to take the oil at regular times and with consistency.

It is important to check your dosage, which is specific to each person. Our dosage calculator, which we put at your disposal, will be able to enlighten you:

dosing calculator


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